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Bacterial / Enzyme Treatments


Aggressive Blend Digestant - Effective Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOG) Control in WWTP Applications

Use of Aggressive Blend Digestant will:

  • Reduce Sludge Build-Up
  • Control Grease, Foaming, or Scum Formulation
  • Improve Settling
  • Reduce Odors
  • Produce Better Quality Effluent
  • Reduce Nitrogen Levels

Sewage Treatment Digestant - Sewer Digestant with Enzymes

Use of Sewage Treatment Digestant will:

  • Accelerate the startup of New Systems and Aid In Recovery After Upsets
  • Improve Cold Weather Operation
  • Mitigate Effects of Pulp and Paper Related Loadings and Toxic Shocks
  • Lower Operating Costs by Reducing Chemical Consumption
  • Reduce Sludge Production
  • Combats Filiments

Grease Gobbler Bio-Cube - Solid block product specifically formulated for grease and odor control and packaged for use in lift stations and large restaurant grease traps.