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For the Flexible Stake That Stands Up to the Competition

Flexstake highway markers routinely withstand 75 crash impacts at 55mph, and 1000 low speed run-overs by loaded hot asphalt trucks weighing over 35 tons! No competitive marker even comes close.

But how did we get there? A few years ago, an avid golfer watched a greens keeper trying to mow down a tall weed, but the weed kept bending away from the blades. "Hummm," he mumbled to himself, "If a weed can flex away from a mower like that, why wouldn't a hinged marker work as a mow-over marker?" That little observation led to the development of high-impact and mow-over marking systems.

Since then, we have become the world standard for impact resistant signs and markers of all kinds. Beginning with a golf course line - now internationally recognized as the world’s best - we soon added high-impact, traffic resistant markers for all sorts of people:

  1. Domestic and foreign highway systems.
  2. Parks and recreation facilities.
  3. Buried gas and liquid pipelines.
  4. Power and communication cable systems.
  5. Municipal Water and sewage systems.
  6. The Department of Defense.
  7. Airport runways and other specialty high-impact applications

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