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Sterilize Vehicles and Equipment from Corrosive Salt

Neutralize chemically neutralizes corrosive films left behind from road salts.  This product chemically reacts with salt ions and breaks them apart and allows them to be flushed away with virtually no scrubbing.  Regular use of Neutralize has proven to reduce corrosion of sanders, sander jets, conveyors, beds of trucks, and truck bodies.   Neutralize is especially useful on equipment that uses liquid calcium chloride or magnesium chloride. These sprays speed the corrosion process.  But with Superior’s Neutralize and routine use, corrosion is minimized.  Neutralize is safe for all painted finishes when used as directed.

Ideal for sander units and beds of trucks where salt or liquid calcium chloride accumulates and may quickly promote rust.  A must to use at the end of the season before sander units are stored for the off-season.

Neutralize is highly concentrated, economical, and easy to use!  Just mix 1 part Neutralize with 20 parts water.  Spray or brush on.  Let sit for a few minutes and rinse with fresh water. 

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