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Slim Line Hydrant Marker

The all-weather Slim Line Hydrant Marker is a very tough, attractively priced, narrow-profile version of our well known three inch hydrant post, and Slim Line Hydrant Marker is even more vandal resistant. Nothing is completely unbreakable, but our Slim Line markers come pretty close.

Using the same extrusion as our mow-over golf course hazard markers, the Slim Line Hydrant Marker post is a color-fast, UV stabilized, polycarbonate extrusion that is highly resistant to sun and weather damage.

The hinge is molded from an all-weather, UV-stabilized polymer that is mechanically fastened to a galvanized, hi-carbon steel base. Has 6" white reflective tape at the top. Our Slim Line Hydrant Marker is very easy to install since it is fastened to the hydrant by one of the bonnet bolts.

Available in Hydrant Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and White

Just $14 each!

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