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Sanitary Hand Sanitizer – Now Contains 70% alcohol with NO dangerous methanol

Keeps hands soft and free from virus-causing germs and bacteria with regular use

Perfect for refilling existing pump bottles or bulk-fill wall mount dispensers (see below)

Manual, bulk-fill hand sanitizer/soap dispenser

Rely™ Hybrid Dispensers are the newest innovation in touchless electronic soap and hand sanitizer dispensing. When the batteries are low, the dispenser automatically converts to manual, “PUSH THE COVER” operation. Included is a large, removable and refillable tank with a 900 ml capacity for bulk soap. The low profile (4″) and sleek design make it ideal for any application, including those with tight spaces. The long battery life, 80,000 cycles on 4 C-Alkaline batteries (not included), along with the durable, impact-resistant plastic construction ensures longevity. Liquid/Lotion Soap & Hand Sanitizer—Includes a key and “Hand Sanitizer” sticker for easy identification. Dispenser Type: For Liquids; Capacity (Volume): 900 ml; Mounting: Wall; Material(s): Plastic. 12″H x 5.5″W x 4″D