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Soy Lift

This amazing product is formulated with a pure Soy Bean Oil derivative and citrus d’Limonene. It is manufactured to meet today’s high client expectations of product performance. It is cost effective for today’s budgets.

SOY LIFT emulsifies and degreases raw sewage as it floats into lift station wells. The accumulation of sewage, grease, oils, fatty acids, calcium, and soap scum forms deposits on wet well walls. SOY LIFT, by nature’s own power, liquefies and attacks the grease so it flows away. SOY LIFT leaves a pleasant light citrus scent that effectively controls offensive odors.

Add SOY LIFT directly to lift station wet wells, grease traps and sump stations in it’s concentrated form for effortless cleaning. Degreasing and cleaning is accomplished by the rise and fall of the water level. As the water level rises and lowers, SOY LIFT removes the sludge from the sides of the walls, then “seals and contains” offensive odors from the lift station and totally eliminates the offensive job of cleaning lift station grease traps or sumps manually.

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